Life Ministries – at lifeministries.org.au – exists to help Christians “take every thought captive to obey Christ”. The Life Ministries website offers numerous articles presenting the Christian worldview on a wide range of social, moral, religious and pastoral issues. We recommend people subscribe to Life Ministries’ FREE bimonthly magazine, Life News.



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Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Studentsafes.org.au – works at universities in Australia to reach students for Christ. For Christians who are, or are about to become, university students, AFES is a must!




The Gideons – at gideons.org.au – is a para-church organisation whose “members are dedicated to saving the lost through personal witnessing and the distribution of God’s Word.”



Creation Ministries International – at creation.com – offers a wealth of information concerning the biblical view of creation and evolution. CMI states that its mission is “To support the effective proclamation of the Gospel by providing credible answers that affirm the reliability of the Bible, in particular its Genesis history.”




GoThereFor – at gotherefor.com – “is an online library where gospel-minded Christians can find resources, ideas and encouragement for fulfilling Christ’s commission to make disciples of all peoples.” It is run by St Matthias Press, which in turn is run by the evangelical Anglicans in Sydney.



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